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“Going viral” is what truly separates whiteboard animation from other types of sales campaigns. Surely you’ve heard of videos that went viral and received thousands of hits simply because some people liked it. This is testament to how rapidly popular phenomena can catch hold. If you create a video that is unique, interesting, and still about your product, people are going to post it on their social networking sites so their friends can see it, too. There are millions upon millions of people using social networking sites at any given time of the day. As the video’s popularity spreads, interest in and visitors to the product’s own sales website will soon grow. According to recent statistics whiteboard animation became very popular in the last few years. Being free of charge, and offering giant exposure, is what makes viral marketing perfect. People who love your videos will work on “marketing” it and spreading the word. This is the best way to leverage video marketing for your benefit. Multinational companies are known for utilizing similar techniques and have crafted video material likely to gain widespread exposure. But it’s not just the big companies; even the small businesses are realizing this. Make your video enthralling, so that the consumer feels like they must share it, in order to make the world aware.

You will also find that with video marketing it’s a lot easier to get top ranking with search engines when you compare it to other kinds of content. This is a rather apparent benefit to derive once you produce your own videos and use them for marketing. The primary cause at the back of this is Google’s newest feature, which is known as the “Universal Search”.

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Google’s search results will now include videos as well as text and articles. If you search for “cell phones’ your search results will have articles, yes, but it will also have video results that will appear on the first page of results on Google. Apart from this, not many online marketers are taking the advantage of videos to get their site ranked high on the first page of results.  This is a great advantage for you; by simply creating your content in the video format, you’re breaking away from the majority of the competition. Video marketing is being hailed as the newest breakthrough in online advertising because the results have been astounding. There are many reasons why a business owner should consider including video marketing in their advertising campaigns, the possibilities for continued growth and additional networking should carry this marketing medium far into the foreseeable future.