Role of video marketing in social media

Social media marketing involves attracting people who see value in the content you post on the internet. While status updates and photos can help you achieve a well-rounded social media marketing campaign, whiteboard videos – thanks to their dynamic and compelling nature – capture the attention of viewers and give them a more comprehensive idea of your company, products or services. Moreover, creating something like this yourself let you exercise your creativity far more than images and text can accomplish.

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Research shows that most people prefer watching whiteboard animation than reading texts. So by using  short explainer videos in your viral campaigns, more and more people are likely to pay attention to your efforts than when you use long boring blocks of text. Research also shows that over 40 percent of online users tend to share and repost their favourite animations. So your videos will have a higher chance of being seen by potential customers that you have not been able to reach through other marketing efforts.

Advantages of using explainer video for your business

Top 5 benefits of using animated videos for your business.

For many times, most business owners have never realized the importance of sales videos for businesses especially when trying to improve their sales within the market. Here are some of the benefits of using them for your business:

  1. Video helps you increase traffic to your website

When you use explainer video for a business, you will always be able to generate traffic of customers who may want to know about the products and services of the business. Through the traffic that you will generate for your business, you should be able to market your business easily in the market thus enabling feasibility to your potential customers.

  1. Whiteboard animation enhances your sales

With more people knowing about the kind of business that you do offer, you should be sure that you would have higher chances of converting customers to sales in within the market. Ultimately, this should give you an opportunity to improve the number of sales that you make within the market.

  1. Explainer videos help build a business brand in the market

Since your business will be able to attract a huge number of customers, you should be able to build your reputation and brand within the market. For those people who have used the technique, they have marketed their businesses in the market thus enabling them to build a strong business brand.


  1. Reduces the cost of marketing

If you use doodle videos for business, it will enable you to lower the cost of marketing since customers are likely to share your videos about your products and services.

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  1. Helps in management of the business

When using animated explainers for business marketing, you will have an easy time managing your business thus enabling you to grow faster in the market in terms of operations.

In conclusion, the above information should help you understand the benefits of using promotional videos for business when operating in the market.

Animated Whiteboard Videos Are Getting Increasingly Popular

In recent years, doodle videos have become extremely popular among people looking for various channels to promote products, services, brands, thoughts etc. With animation, you can use creativity and imagination to promote and market your products in an increasingly competitive market.

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Doodle videos are used extensively in viral marketing on the Internet. With numerous advancements in technology, these animations look just like actual videos. The motions and color of the video ad can also grab audience attention easily.

Here are some ways to use whiteboard animation to achieve great results.

Use of Symbolism and Metaphors

This is the perfect way to use whiteboard videos. In fact, this is also an effective way to leave a very strong impression on the audience. Symbolism and metaphors allow you to properly communicate messages. With this method, you can engage the audience in an enjoyable and fun animation. In addition to this, it’s pretty affordable.

Promotional Animation

When you’re promoting a product or business, motion graphics can be easily adapted from a popular idea or theme. It can tell your audience about the numerous benefits of a product or service. Standard short animated video goes viral online within a short period of time. You don’t need to make a lot of efforts.

Blend of Fact, Humor and Sentiment

According to experts, this way of using modern animation is inspired from TV commercials. A blend of fact, humor and sentiment can touch everyone’s hearts in your audience. Usually, charitable and social causes choose this kind of video presentations. They primarily depict factual information, sentiments and humor. Thus, the audience is moved and understands the importance of your purpose or cause.

Whiteboard videos are the most effective way to promote and market anything you want online. It covers a wide range of topics and ideas that you can’t tackle with static slides or presentations. They can bring life to your graphics, characters and charts. You just need to consult experts to achieve your goals with them.