Cici Pizza Buffet Price

Welcome to Cici s pizza buffet price page! Here you can meet its prices

Cici s pizza offers exceptional value of its pizza buffet services in a combination with affordable Cici s buffet price. Cici s was chosen the best a top family-friendly dining facility by several influential industry trade magazines.

Each item has reasonable price. You can see the restaurant prices below

The facility is open from 11:00am -10:00 pm Monday to Sunday. This may be a perfect place for those who are in a hurry, as they can quickly order something from Cici s ToGo menu.

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Don’t miss low prices! Cici s buffet offers a huge variety of tastes at affordable price

The buffet services offer crisp, flavorful salads, different sides, and sweet-tasting dessert. When it comes to pizza, you will have to choose from a huge variety of tastes (from traditional to adventurous ones) at an affordable price:

  • Pepperoni
  • Veggie
  • Santa Fe Chicken
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Ole, etc.

Flatbread Pizza served in 3 new flavors and can be ordered for an amazingly low Cici s buffet prices. The price list will definitely please you

The last added pizza type is Flatbread Pizza served in 3 new flavors. All this can be ordered for an amazingly low Cici s prices. Since most of the Cici s buffet pizza stores are individually owned, prices may vary from location to location. It’s better to refer to one of the local stores to get familiar with the prices in advance.

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The kid’s price is only $1.59! Check out all restaurant prices:

You may also have a look at the average Cici s buffet prices in the table below:



Pizza, Pasta, Salad & Dessert $5.29
Kid’s Buffet (ages 4-10) $3.39
Kid’s Buffet (ages 3 & under) $1.59


Adults $1.69
Kids $1.39

To-Go Menu

1-Topping Pizza Medium 12″ $5.49
1-Topping Pizza Large 15″ $6.99
Deep Dish Medium 12″ $5.49
Deep Dish Large 15″ $7.49
Specialty Medium 12″ $5.49
Specialty Large 15″ $7.49
Additional Toppings $0.99
Garlic Bread Medium (2-Slices) $2.99
Garlic Bread Large (4-Slices) $4.99
Dessert Medium $2.99
Dessert Large $4.99
To-Go Value Pack Medium 12″ $12.99
To-Go Value Pack Large 15″ $15.99

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Cici s buffet price are considered as low fixed. Its prices can be a smart solution to your thinking!

Cici s buffet price is considered as low fixed what has resulted in a successful endeavor with more than 500 restaurants across the United States.

Cici s pizza buffet offers affordable price. See its prices by yourself!

Thus, if you wish to try a delicious pizza, but don’t have much money to spend – Cici s pizza price can be a smart solution to your thinking!

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