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Einstein Brothers Catering

Einstein Brothers is the most popular food service company when it comes to serve morning food options. Their specialty is this serving of tasty bagels! Yes! Apart from that, Einstein Brothers serves various coffee mixes which perfectly taste with their main treat of the table.

Meet Einstein brothers catering and its prices

Einstein Brothers Breakfast

So, if the morning catering is what you’ve been in search lately, you found the right place — Einstein Brothers. If you need some food service for lunch or dinner – great. Einstein Brothers has options of starts, salads and desserts.

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A lot of bakery products offering by Einstein brothers

Einstein Brothers Breakfast Catering
Favorites Egg Sandwich Nosh Box®
Serves up to 12
Classic Egg Nosh Box®
Serves up to 12
Thintastic Eggwhites Half Dozen Box
Serves up to 6
Favorites Egg 1/2 Nosh Box®
Serves up to 6
Classic Egg 1/2 Nosh Box®
Serves up to 6
Continental Bagel Box
-Choice of bagel, fruit cup, banana, yogurt, granola & cream cheese. Served with utensils.
Continental Bagel Box
-Choice of muffin, or strudel, fruit cup, banana, yogurt & granola. Served with utensils.
Power Breakfast Box
-Protein Power Bagel, fruit cup, banana, yogurt, granola & peanut butter. Served with utensils.

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Bagels and More

Variety of catering bagels by Einstein brothers

Although Einstein Brothers is best known for its bagels — Einstein Brothers catering offers more options for your next catering event. They also give you a choice to pick up salads such as chicken Caesar salad, Veggie Caesar Salad, and Strawberry Chicken Salad. Additionally, Einstein Brothers catering offers sandwiches for your group. They have a classic nosh box that comes with 10 full sandwiches cut into half, a big green salad sampler and 10 bags of chips. By the way, don’t forget the dessert! Dozen cookie variety box, mini cookie variety box and brownie box are just few of the sweets and sides Einstein Brothers catering offers.

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Bagels & More Catering
Baker’s Dozen Box
-Serves up to 13
Salmon & Bagels Platter
Serves up to 13
Greek Yogurt Pack
Serves 6
Individual Greek Yogurt Parfait

Einstein brothers always offers fresh and sweet bakery. Check out catering prices:

Breakfast for the Group
Serves up to 20
Complete The Meal Pack
Serves up to 12
Bagel and Shmear Nosh Box®
Serves up to 24
Mixed Bagels and Sweets Nosh Box®
Serves up to 21
Gourmet Bagel Dozen with 2 Shmear
Serves up to 13
Sweets Nosh Box® (Bakers Dozen)
Serves up to 13

Fresh fruit salad by Einstein brothers. Meet the catering prices below

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Salad – Large
Serves up to 20
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Salad – Small
Serves up to 8
Vanilla Strawberry Granola Parfait
Serves up to 10
Bagel Poppers Snack Pack – Cinnamon Sugar
48 Bite Sized Bagel Poppers
Baker’s Dozen Bagels
Serves up to 13
Gourmet Bagel Dozen
Serves up to 13

Try a sweet and healthy yogurt

Half Dozen Box
Serves up to 6
Gourmet Bagel 1/2 Dozen with 1 shmear
Serves up to 6
Half Dozen Bagels
Serves up to 6
Gourmet Bagel 1/2 Dozen
Serves up to 6
Double Whipped Shmear
Individual Fruit Salad $2.79
Individual Yogurt Parfait $2.79

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